A Nunkies Anonymous Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

This NA Choose-Your-Own-Adventure is in honor of Patt's birthday. It's a belated gift, but…it's here!

Disclaimer: I don't own Forever Knight, Nunkies, or "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure." I'm not planning on making any profit, so don't sue me, OK?

OK, so here's how this works: You read the story and make decisions about what you would do. Simply click on the link and it will take you to the next page, etc., etc. Try to go all the way through without using the back button, at least the first couple times. We all make mistakes, so just try to live with them. <g> You can always go back to the beginning and start a new story if you don't like how it ended up.

With no further ado, on with the story…